A poem I wrote long time ago during my college days 🙂 

Posterity is indebted to You, O Revolutionary Man! 
Reverently for Whom had prayed the earlier clan. 
Ousted Thou injustice and brought men to Allah’s path, 
Prayed even for foes who did persecute & bitterly plot. 
History is replete with heroes; great men were there, 
Ever before or even after none equalled You & did any fare, 
To You humanity owes much; You are Allah’s Mercy & Grace!

Man is judged, said You, by piety – not by colour or race. 
Unlettered You were but taught the world what knowledge is! 
Helped man know what the purpose of his creation is! 
Allah is One, follow His laws & worship not men, stone or flame; 
Made things clear, so that in Hereafter  humanity shouldn’t blame. 
Man is Allah’s vicegerent, in all human spheres. 
Above remains the Almighty to judge, ever seeing, everywhere, 
Disastrous would be man’s end who discard and don’t care!


About MuQeet

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