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Role Model of all times, for all occasions!

* When becoming humiliated, remember the Prophet [PBUH] in Ta’if * When being starved, remember the Prophet [PBUH] tying two stones to his stomach in the battle of Khandaq. * When becoming angry, remember the Prophet [PBUH]’s control of anger … Continue reading

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Towards Resolution of Today’s Problems in the Context of Prophetic Message

Dr. M. Rafat Human life has always been associated with questions and problems, however human beings tend to view the problems of their particular time and age as somehow unique and unprecedented. They appear to see the past as being … Continue reading

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Humanity Needs Trustworthy Character On The Pattern Rasulullah (s.a.w) Made

By Shamim Siddiqi Human society has reached to the state of complete moral bankruptcy, especially after great global economic disaster of 2008-09. It needs men of character in every field of life to set its house in order and deliver … Continue reading

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