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History of the Sacred Chamber

By Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad INTRODUCTION Hujrat are those huts in which Prophet Mohammad (SAS) used to reside with his wives. When the Prophet’s Mosque was being built, two huts were also constructed for Prophet’s wives Aisha (RUA)  and Sauda(RU). More such … Continue reading

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By Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad 1. Sacred Garden Sacred Garden (Rawdah-tul-Jannah) is the area between the Prophet’s chamber and the pulpit of the Mosque. It is described in Bukhari and Muslim and narrated by Abu-Hurairah (RU) that Prophet Muhammad (SAS) said, … Continue reading

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Reverence for the Prophet’s Mosque

By Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad The superiority of the Prophet’s Mosque over other mosques is illustrated in the previous chapter. Visitation of Prophet’s Mosque is a matter of great privilege and honor for a Muslim. We must, therefore, display good manners … Continue reading

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1.  The foundation of the Prophet’s Mosque was laid on piety. Prophet’s Mosque is one of those mosques whose foundation was laid on piety. This is described in the Quran and Hadith. Allah (SWT) says in At-Taubah # 108‏ “Verily, the … Continue reading

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Virtues of Madinah

By Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad Prophet Mohammed (SAS) made a supplication at the time of his migration from Makkah. He said, “O Allah (SWT), You have brought me out of Your most beloved city. Please take me to Your most favorite city … Continue reading

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bY DR. IMTIAZ AHMAD In spite of extreme torturing of the Muslims by the disbelievers of Makkah, more and more people were embracing Islam day after day. So much so that the leaders of disbelievers like Omar (RA) and Hamza (RA) accepted … Continue reading

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