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Did Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Multi-task?

Whenever you hear of the Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) life, you become amazed at his productivity. He (peace be upon him) was a Prophet, a Messenger, a teacher, a governor, a father, a husband, a friend and human. … Continue reading

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“The LIES About Muhammad”

About fourteen hundred years ago, Prophet Muhammad, like the previous Prophets, was sent to reveal God’s message. Yet, since then, misconceptions and fallacies never stopped. Mustafa Zayed’s book reveals the truth about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) “The Lies … Continue reading

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Prophet Muhammad and Social Reform

By Adil Salahi The Prophet’s own married life shows a remarkable change after his emigration to Madinah. When he was in Makkah, the Prophet had one wife, Khadijah, with whom he lived for 25 years until her death three years … Continue reading

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