“The LIES About Muhammad”

About fourteen hundred years ago, Prophet Muhammad, like the previous Prophets, was sent to reveal God’s message. Yet, since then, misconceptions and fallacies never stopped. Mustafa Zayed’s book reveals the truth about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

“The Lies about Muhammad” is an answer to Robert Spencer’s book “The Truth about Muhammad”. Imam Mustafa Zayed, a well known American Muslim scholar, refutes the historical errors and allegations claimed by Spencer.

“The Lies about Muhammad” uniquely shows Islam and Islamic history from the rare point of view of a true Muslim scholar. The reader will come to know real Islam and Islamic history in regards to many topics, not just from an Islamic perspective, but also in light of world history, Judaism, and Christianity. Zayed eloquently shows how the misinformation about Islam is woven into the Islamophobia of today.

Q: What motivated you to write the book “Refuting The Lies About Muhammad”?

A: I, as any Muslim, was incensed by the deliberate campaign to demonize Islam and Muslims, but as a scholar who knows how outrageous the lies are, it was even more difficult for me, till one of the sisters who attends my weekly classes had brought the book “the truth about Muhammad” to me as she was upset with people pushing these kinds of books unto new Muslims saying “see this is Muhammad and Islam”, and that was the spark…

Q: Did you discover anything new while in the process?

A: Actually, the easy way was to list the well known fabrications and allegations about Islam and refute them one after another, but while reading this book, I realized it was much better to refute the book paragraph by paragraph to show how the twisting and the omission of the truth is done in reality. The blatant belittling of the American reader’s logic and taking advantage of the fact that most of them don’t read Arabic and are not knowledgeable about the subject was just appalling.

Q: What is the significance behind the book cover? If any?

A: Well, we tried to make it in the same alley of design as the book I was refuting so readers will realize visually that it is related to his. Colors represent psychological meanings and his book design was screaming “Alarm” to me.

Q: How much time did it take you to finish it?

A: About two years. I would have liked to finish it much earlier but I wasn’t able to drop all my other obligations for it.

Q: What did you enjoy most while writing this book?

A:  Only the sense that I am bringing the truth to the average American reader who, if interested in the subject matter, is in real need for my book, and also that Allah has given me the ability to attempt the defense of his prophet and religion. I have to say also that all that helped me go through the unbearable abhorrent lies about Islam and God.

Q: What are the biggest accusations against Islam that Mr. Spencer brings forth in his book “The Truth About Muhammad”?

A: Well, is there any water in the Ocean? Actually they are many. My conservative count comes to 154!  Some are that the Quran is the word of Muhammad or other humans and not of God!  That the “lone God of Muslims” is not the one mighty God of the Old Testament, and that Muhammad was violent preoccupied by war booty, and that he was eager for people to certify him as prophet!! Just to name very few fabrications.

Q: Show me an example of how these fabrications were made?

A: He claims that Islam mandates two male witnesses in the crime of rape to make sure that women victims are not vindicated! His proof is verse 282 in the Quran and he quotes the mandate in the verse of two male witnesses, only he quotes the verse after he omitted the first line in the verse that says: {O, you believers when you take debts then write them down} (Al-Baqarah 2, 282). The verse has absolutely nothing to do with rape crimes or any crime for that matter; on the other hand, it will be impossible to find him quoting you the specific verses about the issue of sexual deviance (leean) in chapter Al Noor that takes the testimony of the wife exactly the same as that of the husband! 

Q: What Sources did Spencer use to write his book?

A: He overwhelmingly relies on the most corrupted source of Seerah of Ibn Is’haq that not only Ibn Is’haq himself says “only Allah knows which of the stories are correct or not” but worse, he almost picks only the well known fabricated ones that are not mentioned in any of the top six books of quotations (Hadith) of the prophet. I likened that to a mechanism that enabled to filter good dollars from bad ones out of a bag, and then comes Mr. Spencer to intentionally avoid using that mechanism and worse he picks only the counterfeit ones!

Q: In writing your book “Refuting the Lies about Muhammad” what is your ultimate goal?

A: To show the truth about Prophet Muhammad and the religion of Islam and to defeat the ultimate goal of Islam-bashers which is to hinder the exponential growth of Americans discovering the truth about their Creator and accepting Islam, never mind that in general they are also creating a hateful and extremely negative environment for Muslims in the west with these deliberate lies.

Q: Where does Islamophobia originate? Why is it such a huge problem?

A: Americans and Muslims need to understand that organized Islamophobia, especially after September 11th, enabled the extreme right wing to push for the invasion ofIraq, that made our “offense” industry hundreds of billions of dollars, so there is huge war profiting that requires Islamophobia. That is in addition to the media bias, for the above reasons, and of course the severe lack of Islamic American Media that we are mostly as Muslims and scholars of Islam responsible for. Can you believe that my book is the only book in 2010 in the English language now that answers and defends Islam and the Prophet against all allegations? I was shocked to know that myself.

Q: What can an average Muslim do about it?

A: I wrote the book in a way to be a support for such a start. If you read it, understand it and help Muslims and non-Muslims with it then that would be great. But even if you don’t have the sufficient knowledge to engage in a conversation about the subject, just hand it to whoever is deceived by Islamophobia and ask them to “read this book first and then get back to me”. But most importantly, as Muslims, we need to put pressure on the management of our Masjids and organizations to have collective budgets for defending Islam and Muslims.

Q: Why do many non Muslims read books such as Mr. Spencer’s book “the truth about Muhammad” and believe that what they read is true about Islam?

A: It baffles me every time I think about it! When I have a question, let’s say about Christianity, do I go and ask a Buddhist Monk?! In our case, sworn enemies and bashers for religion are what many people solely rely upon in learning about Islam! But then I would in fairness ask the question again, yes we know the media’s inherent bias, where are the Islamic alternatives for the average American? We severely lack Islamic media. I started with myself as the prophet (peace be upon him) had ordered us. “The lies about Muhammad” is 400 pages of pure entertaining knowledge and it is there for the picking.

Q: Why should every Muslim/non-Muslim read your book “The Lies about Muhammad’’?

A: First, you have to be aware of what harsh environment is woven out there to trap you and your children in the future. Secondly, in refuting the falsehood you strengthen the truth in your heart about your faith. Thirdly and most importantly, it is a body of knowledge that will enable you to refute the fabrications, if not by gaining the great reward of making Dawah but at least defending the honor of Islam and the prophet.

Q: There were other books that were written to defend Islam before, why do you think that your book was needed?

A: From the beginning, I wrote it keeping the average American reader in mind. Many scholars answered some of these allegations correctly but only from the one aspect of: “this is the Quranic verse and this is the Hadith”. So, it is more or less your word against mine or your belief against my faith. Even though I used the Quranic evidence and correct hadith as extensively as I could, I widened the evidence in my debate using history in general, the Bible, most credible testimonies of historical figures most of which are not Muslim, but also and more often basic logic and common sense that would explain to anyone with a brain the laughable falsehood of the fabrications.

I also added an index of allegations at the end of the book, so if you want to look one up or you want to defend something that was said to you it will take you to the exact page of that allegation. 

I want also to alert my Muslim brothers and sisters about the urgency of reading and using my book and other books as well, for that repeating the lie so frequently without Muslims refuting it, would make it into a perception in people’s minds, and that to most people unfortunately is reality.

Q: Why do most Muslims try to boycott events where Mr. Spencer speaks at? Or worse no one stands up to him. Now it is clear that you have taken a stand with your book, but would you go even a step further in a possible debate if he would accept?

A: I actually put it in the book that I am inviting him to a public debate anywhere, any time if it is moderated fairly. The man has talents and yet as famous and in your face on TV every day, having examined the quality of his research,  my only contention is that he and his likes should be in creative arts not research, and I am being serious about it.

Zayed, Mustafa. Personal interview. 2 September 2010.

Please also find Mustafa Zayed’s interview on The Deen Show:


Imam Moustafa Zayed has a degree in communication systems engineering, and is a member of the scientific board of Quran and Sunnah research ofCairo. He has appeared numerous times on the NY-area television program, “Understanding Religion”. Imam Zayed speaks widely in interfaith settings with devotion to bridging peace between the major religions and communities. Zayed is the author of “Muhammad Said” and “Journey of All Times”; he is also a leading teacher in several mosques inNew Jersey. Imam Zayed was featured as one of ten North American Islamic scholars onBritain’s Channel 4 documentary, “Islam inAmerica.” Imam Zayed is the author of the long anticipated book ” the Lies About Muhammad” which was just released.


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