Prophetic Timeline: Website Review

Prophetic Timeline.

A beautiful website indeed! Subhanallah!

An offshoot of Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF) based in the UK, this website brings into focus all major aspects of the beloved Prophet’s life in a meaningful presentation.

Categorizing the ‘pivotal moments’ in the life of the glorious Messenger of Allah, the timeline begins from 2000 BC, the period before his birth, and ends with 632 AD.

It is really a beautiful experience to go through the flash presentations loaded cogently and coherently giving the viewers a fascinating experience as one journey’s through the real life experiences of the greatest man on earth!

Viewers can choose to:

  • look at the calendar of events that took place during the period selected
  • listen to the audio narration of the event
  • draw lessons and the wisdom behind a particular event
  • look at the edicts pertinent to the year
  • get to know about some polemical rebuttals to certain contentious narratives

In addition to the main menu of the Prophetic Timeline, the website has three distinct pages:

  1. The Prophet’s Farewell Address
  2. Description on the personality of the Prophet (sal-lal-lahu-alaihi-wa-sallam)
  3. A Seerah Map (which is upcoming)

I would, however,  like to mention that though the website has a distinct authentication page, yet specific references to hadith and seerah books are missing. According to the Project Manager, Mr. Asim Khan, ‘the references to ahadith are left out on purpose to make easy reading for children’. I beg to differ!

References are proofs of authenticity. They are necessary to put across one’s point convincingly and vehemently. They help the learners in further study. I hope the brothers behind the website will consider adding specific references, InshaAllah

To conclude, I would say that the Prophetic Timeline is a boon not only to the Muslim Ummah but also to the entire humanity. It can go a long way in bringing to light the life and teachings of the noble Messenger of Allah. The website needs commendation from all quarters.

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