Freedom, my foot!

Dear sisters and brothers, Assalamu Alaikum.

Today while reading a news report on Islamophobia, suddenly the famous statement of an Iraqi journalist, ‘This is a Farewell Kiss, You Dog!” came in my mind’s flash back.

In the name of freedom of speech, people belonging to other religions have hurled offensive statements against Islam and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). History is witness to the fact that even “educated brutes” have insulted our Prophet (peace be upon him)  with all abusive words one could imagine.

International mainstream media paints a picture as if all Muslims are intolerant. But when any Christian or Jew hurls insulting remarks against Islam, they are doing so in the name of ‘freedom of expression’!

Ok, why I am saying this? Read this news, first.

A California councilman named Derek Reeve is under fire for he avowed in a council meeting on Sept. 6 that he named one of his two dogs after Muhammad– the Muslim prophet. However, Muslims regard dog as unclean. The other dog is named “America”.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has asked Reeve for an apology. Executive director of CAIR in greater Los Angeles said, as an elected official, Reeve should have not given the “distasteful remark” though he has the right to free speech.

Mayor of San Juan Capistrano Sam Allevato, along with another councilman Larry Kramer criticized Reeve.

“It’s a shame that now it’s become a media circus,” Mayor Sam Allevato said. “It’s an embarrassment for the city.”

“As leaders we should be setting a higher standard of behavior.” Kramer said. (International Business Times, San Fransisco)

As we read in the news above, Muslims in America are demanding public apology from the Councilman. He must apologize. If he doesn’t, then fellow Muslims must stage peaceful rallies to impress upon the Councilman to give in. Muslim organisations must file defamation suit against him. Also – and this is very important – Muslim representatives must meet the councilman and do dawah: communicate Islam to him and talk to him in a decent way.

We Muslims don’t mention even the names of other Prophets in a disrespectful way. Whenever we use the name Jesus or Moses, for example, we respectfully say Jesus, Peace be upon him. Moses, Peace be upon him. Our belief in Islam is not complete if we don’t believe in all the Prophets of Allah, including Jesus and Moses (peace be upon them).

Well, that is the way of life of Muslims, the followers of an amazing civilization called Islam.

Fellows who don’t value even their own religion won’t understand the intricacies of such profound teachings!


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