“Let him retaliate against me”

When Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him,  felt that he was going to die after his mission was complete and Allah had completed His favours on him, he went on the mimbar (pulpit) and addressed the people:

“O people, if there is anyone whose back I have beaten, then here is my back; let him retaliate against me. If there is anyone whose honour I have wronged, then here is my dignity and honour; let him retaliate against me. If there is anyone whose wealth I have taken, then here is my wealth; let him take from it and fear no enmity or grudge, for this is not my style”.

(Taken from ‘Islam, the natural way’ by Abdul Wahid Hamid, page no 165, MELS publication)


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3 Responses to “Let him retaliate against me”

  1. Bilal Abubakr says:

    I am always looking for blogs like this. May Allah (swt) continue to bless you with the good work.

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