What a glorious man he was!

High Thinking. Simple Living. This was the style of our glorious Role Model, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. We need to follow Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in letter and spirit! Let us look at these two cases and reflect upon ourselves:

Make Yourself At Ease:

A man came to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, to speak to him but felt timid and overawed. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said to him, “Don’t be afraid. Make yourself at ease. I am just the son of a woman who ate dried meat in Makkah (i.e. I am just a simple ordinary person)“.

Do Not Stand!

One day Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was walking and he came upon a group of people. They were about to stand before him out of reverence and respect. He stopped them and said, “Do not stand as the Persians stand, some in glorification of others”.

O the so-called religious scholars of the world! Take note of this. And if you still insist on or expect people standing in reverence before you, shame on you and your religious scholarship!


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This is MuQeet. Author. Educator. Soft Skill Trainer. Freelancer. Editor. YasSarNalQuR'aN is my primary blog. There are two other amazing blogs: www.Muqith.wordpress.com and www.IslamCalling.wordpress.com Subscribe if you wish to stay connected, InshaaAllah. Thank you.
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3 Responses to What a glorious man he was!

  1. Bilal Abubakr says:

    What a beautiful example to try to follow, it will be hard but we must strive to follow our Nabi (saw) his teachings and manners, and we will be amazed at how much closer to Allah (swt) we will become.

    • MuQeet says:

      Yes, brother we have to try and follow the example set by our glorious Prophet, peace be upon him.
      Being a teacher, I follow one hadith quoted above, alhamdulillah. Normally, in schools students do stand up whenever a teacher enters the class. But when I enter my class, my students don’t stand. I have instructed them not to stand in respect for me, though it is against the norm of the school.

  2. MashAllah I really liked this post and so happy to see brothers in Islam applying their knowledge of the deen. InshAllah we all continue to learn and keep applying.

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