Hijrah and Rabi al Awwal

Assalamu Alaikum.

Most of you would have experienced that every year when we enter the month of Rabi al Awwal, e-mails start pouring in with arguments and counter-arguments on Prophet’s birthday. Islamic blogs and websites come up with hundreds of articles and posts on the topic Meelad-un-Nabi.

I feel that the most important historical incident that took place in the life history of our glorious Messenger – Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, IS seldom discussed in this month.

Of course, at the start of the Islamic New Year, we rightly discuss and learn about Al Hijrah because it is the milestone that marked the very beginning of Islamic calendar.

But honestly telling, many Muslims do not know that the actual Hijrah of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, took place in the month of Rabi Al Awwal!

The Prophet had spent thirteen years and almost two months of his prophetic career in Makkah.  On 27th Safar in the 14th year of Prophethood, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, left his house. The noble Messenger of Allah went to his trusted friend-companion Abu Bakr’s house and both of them made the hijrah together.

They took a route least expected. That route was on the south of Makkah leading to Yemen while Madinah was on the opposite direction, north of Makkah.

After staying in the Cave of Thawr for three days, on the 1st of Rabi al Awwal the Prophet, peace be upon him, started his journey to Madinah.

After eight days of travel, they reached Quba and stayed there for four days. And on 12th Rabi al Awwal,  the Messenger of Allah reached Yathrib, which became popular as Madinatun Nabi, the City of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Insha’Allah, I plan to write a separate post on the glittering aspects of al Hijrah, but for now I would like my readers to understand the Hijrah Route of our glorious Prophet (peace be upon him).

I would request you to first go to the link given below, then continue reading it by clicking the red arrow you will see on your left. Then have your speakers on and read it second time while listening to the popular welcome song, Tala’al Badru Alayna, by Yusuf Islam.


Reference: Ar-Raheeq al Makhtoum.


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8 Responses to Hijrah and Rabi al Awwal

  1. Masha Allah… Thanks for bringing out some awareness!

  2. vinod says:

    Thanks Muqeeth for this information

  3. Naseem says:

    JazaakAllah Khair!
    May Allah grant you with more knowledge to share with all of us!

    Naseem Ejaz

  4. birjees khawar says:

    May Allah bless you and your family. Aameen!
    Please keep me in your prayers.


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