A beautiful and authentic du’aa

It is highly recommended that we learn those du’aas that are mentioned in the Qur’an and Sunnah. Sometimes, especially during occasions like Ramadhaan, some people quote some ‘du’aas’ like: Ramadhaan 1, Du’a 1; Ramadhaan 2, Du’a 2…… such types of du’aas that are found in circulation has no authentic base. And there is no specific du’aa for Ramadhaan on a daily basis! You can make as much of du’aa as possible.

It is prudent, however, to learn those du’aas that come in authentic ahadeeth and if it is not possible to make du’aa in Arabic, at least we can understand the meaning in English and make du’aa in our own languages. One such authentic du’aa is mentioned here. 

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6 Responses to A beautiful and authentic du’aa

  1. That’s beautiful! JazakAllahu Khair! May Allah accept your du’aa’s, Aameen.

  2. Brother, after memorizing this du’aa’ today I truly feel happy. The words are so meaningful and it touches one’s heart if read with sincerity! May Allah bless you, Aameen.

  3. Baheejah Abdullah says:

    Blessed is the believer, wherever mention of Allah has been made, and His praise glorified. Jazaak Allahu khir brother for sharing.

  4. gulaboo007 says:

    Masha’Allah! Ameen

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