The world must stop insulting our Prophet!

The way you behave when you grow up tells about your brought up. The language you speak with others reveals your culture. The attitude you carry about fellow citizens speaks about your civilization.

Those who make dirty movies on Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him – the most remembered and the most respected human being on earth – belong to a shameless breed! The likes of them cannot be found even among beasts! 

What we must do now?

1. We need to protest – and continue our protest – against the movie, against America, against the agents of Zionism. In a peaceful and Qur’anic way.

2. Use this as an opportunity to do dawah, conveying the teachings of Islam, inviting people to read the life history of the Benefactor of Humanity.

3. Submit your concerns directly to White House here. DEMAND that the url of the dirty movie on the YouTube must be removed.

4. Let us exert all our peaceful and sincere efforts to make the authorities concerned, the media, the people in general understand that We MUSLIMS do not want to give in the to the evil designs being carried out shamelessly in the name of freedom of expression, which is nothing but the freedom they enjoy with media under their control to blaspheme Islam and humanity’s glorious Prophet, peace be upon him.

5. Make earnest du’aas to Allah seeking His help to bless Muslims with Right Guidance so that some of us do not indulge in violent behaviour.

6. Write letters to the editors of newspapers, websites, new channels condemning the heinous, most outrageous and abominable video film denigrating the last Prophet of Islam. If letters go in thousands, nay in millions, it will have a great impact in favour of Islam, Inshaa’Allah.

7. Let us not get disheartened by these developments and develop pessimism or negative feelings. We must have confidence that Islam is the dominant force on earth. Read these inspiring Qur’anic verses

8. For some information about the dirty movie read here in the form of Question/Answers


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