Du’aa For Seeking Beneficial Knowledge!

An excellent du’aa for seeking and gaining beneficial knowledge. Useful for everyone, especially the student community. 

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8 Responses to Du’aa For Seeking Beneficial Knowledge!

  1. Awesomeness! 🙂 I just love this post!

  2. Rafat says:

    It should be ‘allam-nee as per arabic text . Jazakallah.

    • MuQeet says:

      Wa iyyaak.
      No sister, it is ‘allim-nee only and not ‘allam-nee!
      Actually in Arabic when we put the vowel stroke below Shadd (Tashdeed), it is considered as Kasra (Zeir in urdu).
      And when the stroke is put above Shadd (Tashdeed), it is considered as Fat’ha (Zabar in urdu).
      This is a common misunderstanding among urdu speaking Muslims who don’t know proper Arabic.

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