Six Mutual Rights!

A beautiful reminder this hadeeth is! 

“Every Muslim Has These “SIX RIGHTS”

Over Other Muslims! 

Once, Rasoolullaah informed his students that every Muslim has six rights, over other Muslims. When his students requested him, to describe them; Nabee Kareem said;

    1. When you meet him, you should greet him, at least with “Assalaamu ‘Alaikum“.
    2. When he invites you, (for an Islamically permissible party) you should accept his invitation.
    3. When he seeks your advice, you should counsel him.
    4. When he sneezes and says “Al-Hamdu Lillaah“, you should respond to him by “Yarhamu-Kallaah.”
    5. When he is ill, you should visit him.
    6. When he dies, you should attend his funeral.
 Narrator.   Sayyiduna Abu Hurairah r.a.
 Source. Saheeh Muslim, Hadees No.5651.

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