The Mission Accomplished

This is the 5th Part on the Series ‘Images from Seerah’s Album’. 

The Third Image – The Mission Accomplished

Here is the third of the pictures for you. The scene is full of beauty and inspiration. It owes its charm to the previous two pictures. This third one could not have taken shape if the first and second had not paved the way. 

In the perspective you can see the broad valley of Arafat. There is a multitude of people, about a hundred-and-fifty-thousand. Among them are men, women and children. They have come from all corners of Arabia. They have gathered in response to the call raised by Prophet Ibrahim, the first leader of the religion of their forefathers. His call has been revived by one of his heirs, and the last leader of his line of succession, the Prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him). He took this call to every nook and corner of Arabia, introduced it to the surrounding lands and ensured its perennial communication to future generations.

The Prophet (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) is seen on the back of a camel. He is giving his last instructions to his followers. Approaching the end of the speech, he puts them an earnest question:

“O people! What shall you say tomorrow in Allah’s presence when you will be asked about me.”

The thousands shout back in one voice:

“We stand witness that you have fulfilled your obligations; you have fulfilled your duty of counseling us; you have faithfully delivered your message.”

The Prophet (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) raises his forefinger, pointing to the sky and sometimes to the crowd and says:

“O Allah, bear witness!”

“O Allah, bear witness!”

“O Allah, bear witness!” (Abu-Dawuud; Muslim)

Who can make Allah and the people witness over the discharge of his duties like this? ‘What is this picture but a question for you? You are the carriers of the same message; it is the chief objective of your life, and you devote your days and nights to achieve it.

You complain that people do not listen to you despite years of effort. I ask you one thing. Are you in a position to gather the people of your family and your neighborhood, leaving aside general humanity, non-Muslims around, the people of your country or your town, and ask them to stand witness in Allah’s presence that you have delivered the message, discharged your duty, and fulfilled the obligation of guiding them? And do you hope that they will answer in the affirmative?

You are responsible for delivering Allah’s message to the members of your household, your extended family, your neighborhood, your school and college, office or factory and your friends and acquaintances — all you come in contact with and eventually, whoever you can reach, whoever is in want of guidance and in need of the cure. Any one of them can question you why you did not come to rescue him when he was in the dark and you had the light, he was wandering in the wilderness and you had knowledge of the path. If he faces the chastisement in the hereafter, how will you defend your negligence?

The aspects of the Prophet’s life that these three sketches bring to notice and which you have to emulate are quite clear:

• A deep realization of the importance of ‘Da’wah’ and our responsibilities in this regard.

• A ruling passion to deliver Allah’s message to the people.

• A profound sense of accountability regarding people we meet and know whether they can stand witness that we have fulfilled our obligations towards them: well wishing, giving them sympathetic advice, and delivering them the message from their Lord.

……To be continued, Inshaa’Allah.

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