Expectations Few, Hopes High!

This is the 7th Part on the Series ‘Images from Seerah’s Album’.


Now let me show you three of the pictures from another part of my album. These will help you see where all the missionary work takes us to in this world and the other. 

The Fifth Image – Life Conditional on Worship

On the way from Makkah to Madinah there is a small town known as Badr. Here the road turns off the shores of the Red Sea and winds toward Madinah. At a short distance small hills surround a valley and sandy fields. This is the second year after the immigration (Hijrah] and an incident is going to take place in this valley which will change the course of humanity from an alley of death to the highway of life.

On one side are gathered all the big and powerful leaders from that great center of ignorance, Makkah. On the other is a force comprising those who have responded to the call unto the One and Only God. They have Joined the Prophet over a period of fifteen years. They include the best of Makkah and those who have responded to his call from Madinah. To support the cause of falsehood, there is an army of one thousand men with no shortage of horses and swords. On the side of truth there is a sortie of three hundred and thirteen with only two horses and a very limited number of swords.

Sa’ad bin Mu’adh (may Allah be pleased with him) has erected a booth on one of the hillocks. The Prophet of Allah is sitting under its shade with his friend of the cave, Abu Bakr Siddique. At night the followers of Muhammad enjoy a sound and refreshing sleep, a mark of the Divine favor, for, it was Allah Who covered them with a slumber to give their minds and bodies extra rest. Nevertheless, the Prophet spends the whole of night in prayer and supplication. He stands before the Lord Who has sent him with duties of apostleship. At times he puts his forehead on the ground.

It was a strange scene. The fate of ‘Tawheed’ (the concept of the Oneness of God) depended upon only a few lives in so large a world. The Prophet was over-whelmed with a feeling of lowliness. He stretched forth his hands and said, ‘O God, fulfill the promise Thou did’st make me.’ Such was the self-abandonment that his mantle dropped off his shoulders and he did not even notice. He put his forehead on the ground and said “O Allah, should this group of Muslims be defeated today, Thou shalt not be worshipped ever after”. (Shibli Nomani: Seeratun Nabi, p 321]

These loving manners are quite moving but note the condition on which the life of this Ummah is being asked: ‘Should this small group be defeated today, Thou shalt not be worshipped ever after’.

That is to say if this group is granted life today, every breath of their own life and the lives of their next generations will be devoted to calling humanity to its Lord. This prayer is an expression of a request, want, promise; it is a mission statement too. He did not say that with the extinguishing of the Ummah civilization would perish, factories would vanish, science and technology would die, and wealth and production would come to an end. No, all these things would remain intact but the relationship with the Lord of the Universe would be terminated. That means these things would be deprived of their spirit. As a result all these phenomena of culture and development would take humanity towards death and destruction and not life and well-being. The battle of Badr was won which meant that the covenant had been ratified — the deal struck.

That is why the day of Badr is also known as the day of criteria.

This picture should inspire you to put to yourself the one and only question: Do we follow the way which would enable us to submit our petition before the Lord in the same manner? A petition for life and success? Is it likely that we stand deserving of the tidings of life and success so that a promise of the vicegerency of the earth, supremacy of the ‘Deen’, security from fear, and salvation in the hereafter is fulfilled? This promise is for those who are equipped with faith and righteous deeds, whose disposition is stated in Surah An Noor: 

“They worship only Me and will not associate anybody with Me”. (24: 55)

………To be continued, Inshaa’Allah. 


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