Overlooking faults!

This is the 11th Part on the Series ‘Images from Seerah’s Album’.

The Ninth Image – Overlooking Faults 

The second picture of this section is also very beautiful and attractive. The Prophet (sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-sallam) was making preparations for the conquest of Makkah because the Quraish had violated the Truce of Hudaibiyyah. On the other side the Quraish were confused and uncertain whether the Prophet would continue with the treaty or not. This was the best time to conquer Makkah, without spilling any blood, in the name of the Lord, where was situated His House, the Holy Ka’bah. That is why all preparations were taking place in secret and in silence. Hatib was one of the companions who had taken part in the battle of Badr. He thought that the influential people of Madinah would rescue their Makkan relatives and he, as a man of no influence, should inform his relatives before hand so that they could escape. As the Prophet’s success was certain this piece of information could do no harm, he thought. So he gave a letter to a woman and sent her to Makkah.

On the one hand he failed to appreciate that the compassionate and mercy for the worlds was going to announce a general amnesty for the people of Makkah. ‘You will not be held up for anything today.’ On the other hand, he could not apprehend that Allah Ta’ala could let the Prophet know of his letter.

The secret of the letter was revealed to the Prophet. He sent a party for the woman. They caught her and recovered the letter. The case was brought to the Prophet’s court. Hatib confessed his lapse. The discussion started what the Judgment should be. It was a case of treason considered from any angle. Umar suggested beheading, but the person who had to pass the Judgment was compassionate and merciful. He forgave Hatib his most serious offence.

These pictures show that organizations are neither formed nor strengthened by strict rules and measures. Only sometimes are strict measures required to save an organization from anarchy, uproot mischief, implement reform, anticipate damage, and fill the lacunae. But the only thing that turns organizations and groups into invincible powers is a policy of overlooking faults, forgiving lapses and extending kindness and love, for, the lesson of history is that it is only love that conquers all.

In the light of this example you can observe your own day-to-day dealings with one another, the attitude of your leaders toward you and one another and judge how near or far from the ‘uswatun- hasana’ you all are.

I have a lot more pictures of forgiveness and kindness that I cannot show you in this sitting, but you may have a look at two of them. They show how kindness and courtesy help in the implementation of orders and the teaching and training of morals.

………..To be continued, Inshaa’Allah.

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