Kind Teacher

This is the 12th Part on the Series ‘Images from Seerah’s Album’.

The Tenth Image – Kind Teacher 

The Prophet (may Allah’s blessings and peace be upon him) was sitting in his mosque, a few companions around him, when there came in a villager, a Bedouin. While standing, he started urinating on the pebbled floor of the mosque. Some of the Companions rushed towards him. They might have been harsh with him.

The Prophet intercepted and told them to “leave him alone’ so that he could relieve himself. When the villager finished, the Prophet called him near and with great kindness explained to him that a mosque was a sacred place and it was prohibited to urinate there. That was the place to pray to Allah, worship Him and read the Qur’an.

Then he turned to his companions and asked them to clean the floor with water and emphasized that they were required to be kind and compassionate, not harsh. One of them brought a bucket of water and washed the place clean (Bukhari, Muslim).

When people commit mistakes all around us, do we show the same patience and kindness as required of the reformers we claim to be? Do we reflect kindness and tolerance or harshness and intolerance?

…….To be continued, Inshaa’Allah.



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