Drawing inspiration…..

Inshaa’Allah, every alternate day, one page from a popular hadeeth book will be uploaded here. The motive is to remind oneself and motivate fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to memorize the text (the Matn) of the hadeeth, Inshaa’Allah.

Today’s is the preface or prelude to that beginning……. 


About MuQeet

This is MuQeet. Author. Educator. Soft Skill Trainer. Freelancer. Editor. YasSarNalQuR'aN is my primary blog. There are two other amazing blogs: www.Muqith.wordpress.com and www.IslamCalling.wordpress.com Subscribe if you wish to stay connected, InshaaAllah. Thank you.
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1 Response to Drawing inspiration…..

  1. mariyaah says:

    Jazak Allah Muqeet .. Thank you so much for sharing.
    I’ll be looking forward to the next context.

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