Being Just in Love

Our love for the Prophet sal-lal-laahu Alaihi WaSallam should encourage us toward love for humanity, kindness, and forgiveness. It should never be an excuse to foment hatred, which can lead to violence against other people. 

Whether we are living as a minority community or make up the majority in any country, Muslims must never fall into the deadly habit of collective blame for crimes. In specific, we must never generalize and harm our neighbours who may share the faith of those who attack our Prophet. Harming them is a serious sin and crime in Islam. So is attacking their houses of worship and institutions.

The Quran’s warning that killing one person is like killing all of humanity, except with the due process of law, is the overarching, superseding order, which, Alhamdulillah, guides the overall behaviour of Muslims, individually and collectively. Unfortunately, this nexus of war and terrorism is violating these overarching principles in Islam.

Once the Prophet was sitting with his back to the Kaba. Khabbab ibn Aratt reported, he was wondering how long Muslims would suffer through the difficulties they were suffering through, and that is when he asked the Prophet why he didn’t pray against his enemies, the non-believing Makkans. The question caused the Prophet discomfort, and he responded by mentioning the Prophets and the people who struggled before him, what type of difficulties and torture they went through. And then he said, “By God a time will come when an old woman loaded with golden jewellery will travel from Sanaa to Hadramawt (from one corner of Arabia to other) and she will have no fear except of God.[Bukhari] He was envisioning a peaceful world with security for even the weakest person in his society from any crime or harm. That is why after every Salat he would pray for peace.

The Prophet’s efforts were for the rule of law and peace among individuals and communities, tribes and nations. It was not for a perpetual state of war, conflict, and instability.

And that is the reason individuals taking the law into their own hands are described by Islamic scholars as creating Fitna and Fasad on earth, which can be described as chaos and lawlessness, one of the worst situations possible.

Let us respond as the Prophet did with regards to attacks on his character. Let us never swerve from justice, no matter how badly we are hurt from the attacks on our beloved. That is the best way to respond.

Courtesy: FridayNasiha

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