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Ten Green Hadeeths

Presenting ten evergreen hadeeths of the glorious Prophet Muhammad, sal-lal-laahu-alaihi-wa-sallam.

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Going Green: Prophet Muhammad, the Environmentalist

By Sariya Islam An advertisement created by an organization that works for the environment shows the blood covered body of an injured baby seal. The brightred  against the white snow is a jarring illustration of human callousness.

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Prophet Muhammad: A Pioneer of the Environment

By Francesca De Chatel “There is none amongst the believers who plants a tree, or sows a seed, and then a bird, or a person, or an animal eats thereof, but it is regarded as having given a charitable gift … Continue reading

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Ecology and the Prophet of Islam

By Tariq Ramadan Awareness that the Universe is in fact a Revelation that must be respected, read, understood, and protected should reform our minds and our attitudes toward nature, animals, and therefore also to an economy focused on economic production … Continue reading

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